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Editorial: A New Home for “Scientific Phone Apps and Mobile Devices” Journal
The original intent of academic publication to disseminate information and findings to the community for scientific progress has taken different twists and turns particularly in the last few decades. With the Internet, there is now the option of E-publications, and more recently, open access publishing to make articles freely available to readers. No longer are the articles restricted to subscribing academics, but now also to the general public. Yet, one should not forget that the institutionalization of academic research, particularly for science and technology, also included publications as a performance indicator of the research findings, and its value.

Author: Samuel Ken-En Gan <<<
Published on: 26 April 2018

Research Article
Commentary: Augmented Reality Scientific Phone Apps –making the APD AR Holistic Review app and using existing AR apps for scientific publications
The average scientific publication is not the most palatable of reading materials, especially to those not in the relevant disciplines. Yet, conveying scientific concepts easily is precisely what scientific publications are meant to do. Imagine what the use of video pictures/paintings as depicted in the Harry Potter movie series can do to make things easier!

Author: Poh JJ et al <<<
Published on: 02 October 2018