Application Notes

Weiling Wu, Zealyn Shi-Lin Heng2, , Samuel Ken-En Gan

Application Notes: APD Handwash Android App – A tool for evaluating the effectiveness of handwashing

Published on 08 September 2021


Handwashing is a basic infection control practice that needs to be performed correctly to be effective. In the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, its correct practice is emphasized by public health institutions. However, turning a practice into a habit requires acceptance for adoption of the twenty-second proper procedure to which difficulty remains. To promote and convince the average user, we developed the “APD Handwash app” as a home-use demonstration/education tool to the pitfalls and need of proper handwashing practices through the detection of assigned clean or dirty areas on the hand in a quantitative manner to provide a gauge to the effectiveness of washing when used before and after washing.


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ISSN: 2364-4958