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Jenny Jing Wen Liu, ulia Gervasio, Maureen Reed

Digitizing resilience: Feasibility of mobile applications for psychological research

Published on 15 January 2020


Changes in technology have increased our capacity to interface with existing tools and measures in social sciences and healthcare research. Demands for increased accessibility and preference for flexibility in data collection have resulted in an influx of technological innovations and adaptations of existing tools. Yet, the usability of digital adaptations of self-reported measures have not been well studied. This research investigated the comparability and reliability of the empirically-validated Multi-System Model of Resilience Inventory through two modalities: an online survey platform, and a digital mobile application. User experiences of the mobile application in research was also studied. Implications of the findings for the use of digital applications in research in healthcare and social sciences are discussed.

©The Authors, 2020

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ISSN: 2364-4958